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"Progress not perfection"

Hi, I'm Meah Robertson and I'm a Naturopathic Practitioner with over 16 years of experience in clinical practice .
I practice from my home based studio in Parkwood on the Gold Coast, however I am also happy to see you remotely via zoom.
I specialise in women's health and hormones, and I have a specific interest in mental health for teens and adults.  I apply my holistic philosophy of supporting the body, mind and spirit with all my patients.
I'm also a mother of two teenagers and the creator of Fem21 established in 2015.
I look forward to working with you in 2022!
-Meah x.

I'm here to help you understand what your body is telling you.  We work together as a team to unravel complex and chronic health issues.

-LifeStart Naturopathics was founded by Naturopath Meah Robertson in 2006-

"I believe every woman has the power to create change and be a shinning example of health and wellness"
- Meah Robertson.

  • Naturopathy

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Nutritional Medicine

  • Life coaching

  • Energy healing

  • Flower essences

  • Healy frequency sessions


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Appointments are available in clinic or online

What's involved in a consultation?

In a Naturopathic consultation we go through your case history in detail.  I ask a lot of questions based around your previous and current symptoms.  This enables me to do a system analysis to understand your body and what may be contributing to your current health issues.  I'll assess and discuss pathology results as well as giving recommendations for test to monitor with your doctor. All this information helps to formulate your treatment plan. 

  • Initial consultation is usually 90 minutes
  • Follow up consultations are between 45-90 minutes on average and conducted every 4-6 weeks in the treatment phase, maintenance phase check ins usually are every 3-6 months.
  • Short consultations are available for 30 minutes or less to do a review of supplements or a prescription, especially useful for an acute issue (these are best conducted over the phone or via zoom)
Meah brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and compassion to a consultation. She's incredibly supportive and will go above and beyond for her patients.  I feel that she listens carefully and her analysis of what is happening is spot on.  It's really the full package.

Practitioner Bio

Meah Robertson


BHSc. - Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
Adv. Dip. - Advanced diploma of Naturopathy
Association member of ANTA: 5549

Hello again, I'm Meah the founder of LifeStart Naturopathics & Fem21. I have been in clinical practice since 2006, however I have been immersed in Natural Medicine since I was a child. My mother is a nutritionist and my late father a holistic Chiropractor. I was raised in Cairns North Queensland, with natural living and natural dietary principles. I started working in a health food store when I was 14 and knew I my purpose was to help people. So I followed my passion into a career as a Naturopath.

I'm now a mother of two girls and very settled on the Gold Coast. I'm blessed to be able to practice from my home based clinic in Parkwood with my dog by my side.

I strongly believe in the mind, body, spirit connection.  When you work to support the body physically to heal and strengthen then it has a knock on effect to other areas, like how you're processing mentally and emotionally.  Then when you support the mind, mental and emotional health you relieve stress on the body. It's also important to incorporate the underlying element of spirit and your connection to self, others and trusting in the processes of life. Intuitively allowing spirit to work through you to enable deep healing for your highest good and restoring balance.

Meah offers a unique consultation experience, naturally incorporating intuitive guidance and years of clinical experience for the creation of your treatment plan and supporting you in your optimal health and wellness.

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Lifestart Naturopathics is home to Fem21 developed by Meah Robertson in 2015.


Fem21 is for women who want to balance their hormones naturally. Meah Robertson developed Fem21 after 10 years of clinical practice in women’s health. Over this time she recognised a pattern, in that most of her female patients had similar underlying issues that were contributing to their hormonal imbalances.  She wanted to be able to help the women who she couldn’t physically see in clinic.

Fem21 contains 21 natural ingredients, which work together to balance hormones, support liver, digestion, and achieve overall hormonal harmony. It can be used for a range of issues including PMS, infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, menopause, irregular cycles, hormonal acne and more.

Fem21 is available throughout Australia, Internationally and stocked with health practitioners, in health food stores, pharmacies and online stores.

To read more about fem21 head to


I respectfully acknowledge the people of the Yugambeh language region, the traditional owners of the land on which we meet, and pay my respect to their elders past and present, and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples here today.